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Indeed, there is a better life and a lot more money outside the wire house environment...

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The firm offers the traditional investment products (but not limited to below):

  • Stocks, bonds and option trading

  • Retirement Plans

  • Insurance and Annuities

  • Money Market Instruments

But, does your firm allow you to introduce your clients to various other investment vehicles such as (but not limited to):

  • Limited Partnerships

  • Managed Futures Accounts

  • Gas & Oil Programs

  • Alternative Investments (read more below)

Alternative Investing

Wise investments are usually made by few and are usually safer than broadly accepted investments, partially at least because their price does not reflect popularity.

The firm is very much in the "forefront" with regard to our ability to offer numerous quality alternative investments to our clientele.

Many lay persons and indeed many investment professionals are completely unaware (or at least not knowledgeable) with regard to the availability of alternative investments.  Indeed, a great many investment firms, and their managements, are either not aware of the availability of these products or do not offer them simply from lack of knowledge or improper perception.


Our reference to alternative investment products, simply means any product or service which will enhance the value (and diversity) of a client's portfolio without relying on simply being "long" the "traditional markets" (stock and bond markets).  After all, history demonstrates that there are periods of time when both of these traditional markets have declined in tandem!


In this day and age, anyone can easily participate in "traditional markets" and without the assistance of an investment professional.  If an investment professional is to grow their business and remain truly competitive, then they must in some manner add value and innovation (beyond service) to that which they offer a client. 


Here at PICI, we have numerous methods of accomplishing this through products and services not usually offered by our competitors or indeed even by some of the larger "wirehouse" firms.  Such services may be as simple as a professionally managed portfolio which is hedged by covered call writing, or perhaps an investment based upon real estate or equipment leasing.  We, of course, offer these products.


In addition, we offer the following products and services not generally offered by our competitors:

  • Investments in numismatic coins through a very highly qualified firm with which we have a business relationship.

  • Truly independent (and internally offered) institutional fixed income management.  We refer to this service as being "truly independent" because the firm allows these experienced managers to purchase and sell fixed income merchandise anywhere on the street.  In this manner, and because the firm does not take any "middle man markup", a better price is usually obtained for the client.  Institutional brokers and clients of most firms must deal through the particular firm's fixed income desks (which must somehow attempt to make a profit).
  • An internally managed hedged fund (accredited investors only).
  • Internally managed futures accounts ($35,000 minimum)
  • Numerous externally managed futures programs (minimum investments from $1000 to $250,000).  Some of these programs have documented track records exceeding forty (40) years with returns and volatility figures that are far better than the traditional market averages.  THESE PROGRAMS HAVE THE ABILITY OF PROFITING IN ANY MARKET OR ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT.  PICI has about twenty such programs, a greater selection than almost any other domestic firm.  Many investment professionals are of the misinformed opinion that such programs are always very speculative and/or are only for the very wealthy. 

This is simply not so, let us show you!


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